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California Enviromental Quality Act

In California, the CEQA process allows communities and residents to comment on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIR) to let their elected officials know all of the things that are wrong with the project as defined by the EIR. Any comment in the EIR can be used as a basis for a lawsuit so your CEQA comments are very important.  We would like you to write two things:


1) A letter or email each county supervisor expressing your outrage over this travesty of a project. 

2) Write CEQA Comments and deliver them to the county before October 29th. Please email comments to:

Project Manager Heather Steven| | (858) 495-5802

Subject: MUP Amendment (PDS2015-MUP-98-014W2) and a Reclamation Plan (PDS2015-RP-15-001). 


Please read our Scoping Comments which we submitted to the County at the beginning of this CEQA process. 


Helix Water District Comments


This CEQA is a massive document with lots of technical mumbo-jumbo in it. (They use mumbo-jumbo to intimidate you.)  But you can decipher most of it and make comments.  You might be an expert in Air Quality, comment there, or you might be a person who lives in Lakeside and commutes to San Diego, comment on the Traffic section. No comment is too small and whether you are a Ph.D. or a regular person, we all have the right to a safe, healthy community. We have the right to retain the beauty of our community.   You have the right to get to work in a timely fashion. You have the right to comment on the amount of water used, or what the project might do to your family if you have to flee wildfire. All of these comments are important. Even though they had experts write these comments, none of those experts know Lakeside the way you do.  Your comments are just as important and quite a bit more knowledgeable because you live here. So please comment on BIG things and little things. 


The goal of  CEQA comment is to point out so many problems with the project that we can kill it out right at the board of supervisors.  Failing that, then the CEQA comments will be used to sue on the basis of CEQA and drag the project out until the developer give up and fades away.  Below is the list of all the topics covered in the EIR.  Pick a topic, read it and make comments.  They can either be by page number and paragraph or written to address larger issues. Both approaches work.


2.0 Significant Effects.pdf

2.1 Aesthetics.pdf

2.2 AirQuality.pdf

2.4 CulturalResources.pdf

2.5 PaleontologicalResources.pdf


2.7 LandUse.pdf

2.8 Minerals HAAdht-.pdf

2.10 TransTraffic.pdf

3.0 Effects Not Significant.pdf

3.1 Agriculture.pdf


3.3 Green House Gases.pdf


3.5 Population and Housing.pdf

3.6 Public Services.pdf

3.7 Recreation.pdf

3.8 Tribal Cultural Resources.pdf

3.9 Utilities.pdf

3.10_Other CEQA.pdf

4.0 Alternatives.pdf


7.0 List of Mitigation Measures and Design Considerations.pdf

Appendix B - Environmental Review Checklist.pdf

Appendix C1 - Plot Plan.pdf

Appendix C2 - Plot Plan.pdf

Appendix C3 - Plot Plan.pdf

Appendix D1 - Visual Impact Analysis.pdf

Appendix E -Local Agricultural Resource Assessment  LARA Model.pdf

Appendix F - Air Quality Technical Report.pdf

Appendix G1 - Biological Resources Report.pdf

Appendix G2 - Biological Resources Report.pdf

Appendix G3 - Biological Resources Report.pdf

Appendix G4 - Biological Resources Report.pdf

Appendix G5 - Biological Resources Report.pdf

Appendix G6 - Biological Resources Report.pdf

Appendix H - El Monte_Jurisdictional DelineationR.pdf

Appendix I - Conceptual Revegetation Plan.pdf

Appendix J1 - Reclamation_Plan.pdf

Appendix J2 - Reclamation_Plan.pdf

Appendix J3 - Reclamation_Plan.pdf

Appendix J4 - Reclamation_Plan.pdf

Appendix J5 - Reclamation_Plan.pdf

Appendix J6 - Reclamation_Plan.pdf

Appendix J7 - Reclamation_Plan.pdf

Appendix K1 - Cultural Resources.pdf

Appendix M - GHG Technical Report.pdf

Appendix N1 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N2 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N3 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N4 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N5 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N6 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N7 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N8 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N9 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix N10 - Phase I ESA.pdf

Appendix O - Vector Management Plan.pdf

Appendix P - Fire Protection P Letter Report.pdf

Appendix Q - Valley Fever Tech Report.pdf

Appendix R - Hydro Groundwater Drainage.pdf

Appendix S - Mineral Resource Tech Report.pdf

Appendix T - Noise Impact Analysis.pdf

Appendix U1 - Traffic Impact Analysis.pdf

Appendix U2 - Traffic Impact Analysis.pdf

Appendix V - BLA Request memo.pdf

Appendix W - Conceptual Landscape Plan.pdf


MUP-98-014W2 - El Monte Sand Mine_MSCP Findings.pdf

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