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Herbicide Application Team

The Herbicide Application Team (aka Weed Warriors) works to remove non-native invasive plant species from the San Diego Riverbed and greater watershed area.  By joining this team you will receive free training on how to identify native plants from invasive, properly apply herbicide in the field, and gain experience working to restore the local environment.


To apply for this program, receive training and get of list of meeting times and locations contact Alisha Curtin at or 619-443-4770.



Attend the training class for herbicide application and any follow-up in-service training.

Learn safe work techniques.

Receive equipment training.

Learn native vs. invasive plant identification.


Must be 18 years old or older and sign a wavier of liability. 

Successful completion of required herbicide application training.

Ability to identify invasive plant species accurately in the field and during a variety of growth stages.

Ability to follow directions with accuracy and attention to detail.

Ability to perform work of a physical nature on natural terrain and during various weather conditions.

Ability to lift 40lbs, and hike with a 35lb herbicide backpack on over steep slopes and through thick brush.

Bring a minimum of 32oz of drinking water to participate.


Apply selected treatment to pre-defined areas of non-native plants.

Prepare, use, clean and maintain all equipment, tools and safety gear required.

Become familiar with all invasive plant species found at LRPC.

Accurately record volunteer hours.

Commit to a minimum of 8 hours a month to LRPC.

Work well with others and enjoy being part of a team.

Follow emergency training procedures.

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