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As I was growing up, my family didn’t have a car, so it was necessary to walk the two miles to our nearest village.  In college, I took the train home and walked from my dorm to the train station.  Walking has always been a large part of my life, but through the River Park, a thing of necessity has become a beautiful part of my life. 

The idea of a River Park along the San Diego River came up shortly after my husband passed away. Our family had always enjoyed many outdoor activities so the River Park sounded like a perfect place to keep his memory alive.  

Today, I can walk from my home in Santee to my daughter and son-in-law’s home in Lakeside.  

Walking the trail helps to maintain my health and I find something new and different  to attract my attention with each adventure. I believe people become better observers when walking, enjoying the scenery and sights.  The San Diego River Trail is a lovely peaceful walk and you never know who you will meet as you take your walk and what new information you may learn. 

I have made new friendships through volunteering, and that personal network comes together to better the community as a whole. 

I particularly support the River Park because it has a long future, and a vision that will play an important part in the history of San Diego.


A trail along the San Diego River from its source in the mountains to where it empties into the Pacific Ocean is a grand vision.  Thinking of all the possible amenities and stops that can eventually be a part of it makes the vision even greater!

I support the River Park because of the restoration of the San Diego River and improving the health of our local environment.


I support it because the Science Field Station will be a teaching and learning center for all ages as well as a research center.  The Field Station is a prime example of recycling - a historic residence becoming a home for science.  

But most importantly, I support the San Diego River itself, from its ancient beginnings thousands of years ago to today. Just as it helped me honor my own family, saving the river is how we can honor the generations to come.


~ Lila Parker

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