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Outreach Ambassadors

The River Park participates in local and county wide events such as the Lakeside Auto Speedway, EarthFair,

and National Trails Day. Educate the public about the River Park and help us gain new supporters and




Staff informational booths and tables at various events in San Diego County.

Educate people on the River Park’s mission, goals, and progress to date.

Provide the appropriate brochures, flyer, maps or hand out as backup for their questions.



Have a commitment to the mission and goals of the River Park.

Enjoy talking to people in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Able to follow instructions.

Able to keep information gathered confidential.

Capable of working independently with little of no supervision while giving presentations to community groups or at community fairs/events.

Possess good decision making skills and the ability to communicate with River Park Staff as needed.


Participate in an orientation and River Park tour.

Attend schedule meetings and in-service updates.


For more information or to volunteer, contact us at (619) 443-4770 or via email at

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