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Partner Organizations 

The San Diego River Park is an idea that caught the public's imagination in 1998-2001.  Lakeside led the charge in East County with a petition drive with over 6,000 signatures asking for a river park along the San Diego River. In Santee, interest in creating a river park blossomed at about the same time, followed by the City of San Diego.  In a very short time, Lakeside's River Park Conservancy and the San Diego River Park Foundation were established as 501(c)3's to allow for the purchase of land and for fundraising.  In the mean time, local elected leaders in the City of San Diego pushed for the creation of the San Diego River Conservancy, a state chartered conservancy, like the well known Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy or the Tahoe Conservancy. Their board members represent all of the State and local governmental agencies with jurisdiction over the river. It's role is to advocate for and funnel money from state agencies and bond issues to the San Diego River Park effort. Creating a 52-mile long river park and trail requires many governments, agencies, nonprofits and friends groups to work together. Each group has an important role to play.

San Diego River Conservancy  

State Chartered Agency - Jurisdiction - 0.5 miles on either side of the centerline of the San Diego River and all of its tributaries from the headwaters in Julian to Ocean Beach in the City of San Diego

The City of San Diego 

Jurisdiction: Mission Trails Regional Park to Ocean Beach

The City of Santee 

Jurisdiction: Area from Mission Trails Regional Park to the border with Lakeside 

The County of San Diego

Jurisdiction: From the border with the City

of Santee east to Julian at the headwaters. 

Lakeside's River Park Conservancy  

Sphere of Influence: border of Santee east to the

base of El Capitan Dam

San Diego River Park Foundation  

Sphere of Influence: Providing volunteer

efforts to the City of San Diego and Santee

as well as land acquisition in the headwaters

above El Capitan Dam

The San Diego Foundation 

Provided seed funding, operational, and

capacity building grants for Lakeside's

River Park Conservancy and the San Diego

River Park Foundation


All of these agency efforts are supported by the

great efforts of:  


Back Country Land Trust

Lakeside Historical Society

Lakeside Union School District

San Diego River Coalition

Barona Resort and Casino

San Diego Gas and Electric

Lakeside Chamber of Commerce

San Diego Mountain Bike Association

Equestrian Groups

Citizen's Trail Advisory Group

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