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List of Typical Plants Used in Restoration of the San Diego River Watershed

Latin Name                      Common Name

Platanus racemosa            Sycamore
Populus fremontii             Cottonwood
Quercus agrifolia               Coast Live Pak
Salix laevigata                  Large leaf willow
Salix goodingii                 Black willow
Salix lasiolepsis                Arroyo willow


Baccharis salicifolia           Mulefat

Heteromeles arbutifolia     Christmas berry

Salix exigua                      Sandbar willow

Sambucus mexicana          Mexican elderberry

Half-shrubs, vines, ground covers
Artemisia douglasiana       Mugwort
Rubus ursinus                  California blackberry
Rosa californica                California rose
Urtica dioca                      Hoary nettles
Vitis girdiana                    CA grape

The exact mix of plants used on any specific property will be determined by the terrain, proximity to water, and other environmental factors.

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