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Park Patrol/Riverbed Hikers 

Enjoy walking or riding your bicycle? Then why not volunteer to be a River Park Patrol and get more out of your outdoor activity?


Walk or ride to different locations in the River Park and chart activity such as graffiti, trespassers, and signs of illegal activities. Call the Sheriff’s Department if needed.


Park Patrollers always work with a partner during daylight hours everyday of the week. You pick your time and day, just commit to making a presence once a week.


Provide a visible presence on River Park Land.  Volunteer teams must commit to a minimum of 6 hours a month

Monitor trash levels, homeless populations, fishing use, and any other changes

Complete and submit a Patrol Log and Time Sheet after each assignment

If approached, educate users/trespassers on park project, wildlife, and habitat 

Assist River Park staff at special public events, including traffic control, parking and education and other special “sweeping” patrols  

Provide emergency response when needed 



Must be at least 18 years old and work with a partner.

Possess the physical ability to work outdoors, in various weather conditions and on natural terrain.

Have a commitment to the mission and goals of the River Park.

Complete and return all the necessary Log Forms and Time Sheets in a timely manner.

Must be capable of working independently with little of no supervision while on patrols.

Must possess good decision making skills and the ability to communicate with River Park staff as needed.

Carry a cell phone.

Attend schedule meetings and trainings.

Have experience or the ability to educate the public about the River Park.


For more information or to volunteer, contact us at

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