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San Diego River Field Station at Lakeside

We want to make the San Diego River an incubator for the next generation of scientists. We support research and the reuse of historic buildings where discoveries can be made and honor the river and the regions heritage.


Many years ago Lakeside's River Park Conservancy saved the historic Bostonia House from demolition. Now the Bostonia House will have a new function as the San Diego River Field Station at Lakeside.

Imagine a place where science is learned and research is done. A facility along the San Diego River where students from all ages and grades can have access to shared science and research space.


With 100 acres of riparian and upland habitat Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy has already become a cherished destination for science education. Each year, every 6th grader in the Lakeside Union School District studies botany, macro-invertebrates, wildlife tracking and water quality testing. Now all this learning can be housed in historic buildings: recycled, re-purposed and re-invented for the new needs of the community.  The San Diego River Field Station at Lakeside will give these and other educational programs a permanent home.

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