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Scientific Research

Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.
-- Stephen Hawking

Monitoring and research are essential to the accurate assessment of the progress or failure of river restoration programs. State law requires that restoration projects along the San Diego River be studied for effectiveness. Moreover, climate change demands that we research how the change in amount and timing of rainfall impacts our habitat and species. 

Our goal is to allow students who use the San Diego River Field Station to be part of a greater research effort.  We also intend to allow local college and university undergraduate and post-graduate students to use this facility.  Once our Field Station is complete, and our educational programs implemented, we will be sharing our data with local agencies through publications or involvement with the National Phenological Network.

This data will help inform us about the wonders of the river and the changes we are seeing as climate change becomes more pronounced. 

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