RiverWatch May 2017!

Don't Forget May Is Membership Month!

Don't Forget May Is Membership Month!

Our new 2017 membership levels showcase the impact your support provides, as well as highlighting the native plants and wildlife species found along the River Park Trail.

In addition, we're thrilled to be rolling out a new recurring monthly membership option, starting at just $5 a month. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to make a gift now that supports the River Park all year long.

Memberships help us get things done!

It's because of community members like you that we are making the River Park a national leader in environmental stewardship!

  • Your gift helps us to maintain over three miles of trails along the San Diego River which are enjoyed by and 30,000 runners, hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians each year.

  • Your gift helps us to provide free education programs for schoolchildren to learn about native California wildlife, plants, water quality and conservation.

  • Your gift helps us to protect the San Diego River, and surrounding habitat for coyotes, red-tailed hawks and great blue herons, for future generations.

Click here to become a member or renew your membership with the River Park today! Your new membership levels showcase the impact your support provides, as well as highlighting the native plants and wildlife species found along the River Park Trail.


Featured Species: Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus

By Billy Ortiz

Can you beat the roadrunner in a 5K? It would be interesting to say the least but doubtful that anyone could! Not even the fastest Olympic runners could beat this bird…it was born to run. Roadrunners have to be fast to catch their dinner and have been known to eat anything from bugs to snakes, eggs, birds and snails and other crawling critters. Lizards seem to be their favorite food. So what do Roadrunners have to do with Lakeside’s River Park? Not so long ago this area looked like the surface of the moon. This segment of the San Diego River had long been the focus of sand mining and heavy industry. When these operations came to an end, a new phase of the River’s life was at hand. The River Park was fortunate enough to be able to purchase land along the river and completed a multi-year project of restoring it to its’ natural state. Over 35,000 native plants were planted to attract back the wildlife that use to live along the rivers’ bank. Now hundreds of birds and water fowl flock to the dense forest of cottonwood and willow trees in the river. The San Diego river trail, here in Lakeside, is a great place to go bird watching because the trail is about 30 feet above the river bottom and it is easy to look out into the canopy of the trees. It is like walking through an aviary full of birds! To see the roadrunners thriving is like watching a miracle unfold before your eyes. Thanks to your support, we can continue to maintain the river biology suited for as much wildlife that will fit in.



Members and their families enjoyed two FREE educational programs this month.

Richard Edwords knows bees! As a third generation beekeeper he acquired much knowledge that he shared with us at a recent presentation. He addressed why bees are awesome, why they are essential for our food productions and why they are vanishing. As part of his presentation each participant sampled something really sweet...honey!

Raising Chickens was the second educational program offered this month. Participants learned the ins and outs of backyard chicken care to keep our feathery friends safe and happy.


The results are in for the San Diego River Run 5k

Thank you to all who came out to support Lakeside's River Park Conservancy by participating in the race, coming to cheer your loved one, or volunteering. We are able to do what we do for the San Diego River through your continued support.

Are you wondering how you did? Below are the results.

We would also like to thank our wonderful volunteers who made this event possible. Your hard work and dedication continues to amaze us and we love every chance we get to work with you.

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