RiverWatch July 2017!

Dog Days Of Summer

Hiking, walking or running with your dog.

If you like to walk and hike and want to share this activity with your four legged best friend, it is time to bone up or review how to hike safely with your dog. Before you set out on any hike, be sure to visit with your vet about your dog’s health, age and vaccinations. Know the trail you plan to hike and know any regulations it may have. Before you leave home check on current weather conditions or see if any advisories have been issued. Every summer someone’s dog pays the price for lack of planning. On hot days dogs can only pant and sweat to cool off. Be conservative—rest and drink often, and if you have one, pull out the cooling collar if your friend keeps lying down in shady spots. Here’s some reminders: ID: Make sure your dog wears a collar with identification, phone number, and rabies tag just in case you become separated. Leash: Keep a leash with you on hikes, even if you think you can rely on your dog to come when called. Fido might want to run up to children, circle around mountain bikers, or chase other animals. Be considerate of others because some people are wary of dogs and seeing a 70-pound black lab running toward them can be unnerving. Your best bet is to assume that every hiker you meet on the trail doesn’t like dogs until they prove otherwise. Always give hound-less hikers the right of way Water bowl and water: This is very important! Your dog will need plenty of H2O during hikes and long run. Never let them drink out of a lake, pond or river. Dogs are susceptible to the same waterborne pathogens as their owners so if you wouldn't drink it they shouldn’t either. Dog food and treats: Reward good behavior. Emergency phone numbers: Have your vet’s number in your cell phone and also the closest emergency veterinary clinic.

First-aid kit: Ask your vet to suggest items for your pet. Bandages, antiseptic, tweezers (or a tick pick), antibiotic cream, and a flashlight are a good start. Plastic bags: Leaving poop on the trail is a sure way to ruin a hike for others. Remember to leave no trace!


Our Annual Report is here!

Hot off the press: To view click on the image below

We invite you to enjoy this paperless copy of the 2016 Annual Report. Here you will learn about the River Park's many accomplishments, all of which are made possible by our dedicated members, volunteers and donors.

Thanks to all of you for helping to make 2016 such a productive year!


FREE Education Program

Hike With The ED

Friday, September 22 @ 8:30AM

Register by: September 17th

Robin Rierdan, Executive Director for the River Park, answers your questions about hiking, the River Park, and our projects.

Meet at the San Diego River Trail at Channel Road - see it for the first time or get a new look at what you love.

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Dog Days of Summer Membership Campaign

Annual Membership Drive Please consider becoming a member or renewing your commitment to Lakeside's River Park Conservancy! Memberships start at $24, or join our new Monthly Membership Program at only $5 a month.

Members receive many great benefits like "Member Only" tours and presentations and discounts to places like Cafe 67 in Lakeside, CA! Once you become a member you will receive a membership card and the satisfaction of knowing you are: • Protecting your local environment • Stewarding our beautiful San Diego River • Helping to create trails • Promoting educational programs for our youth.

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Featured Species: Double-crested Cormorants

Phalacrocorax auritus

The double-crested cormorant is a black, skinny-necked fishing bird that is regularly seen while standing on the Wildlife Observation Deck at Lakeside River Park. The deck overlooks the section of river that we refer to as the "East Pond", where it easy to see them sunning themselves to dry their wings on the solar panel of our water quality monitor.

With yellow facial skin, the bird looks slightly prehistoric because of its gangly body. Larger than ducks, they have webbed feet and though they appear black, their feathers are actually dark brown. Their double-crest is rarely noticeable. The adults have tufts of feathers over their eyes, and the males and females look similar.

Cormorants are known to dive as far as 30 feet to get a fish for lunch.

In order to dive that deep, it's' feathers are not as oily as most water birds. After catching a fish, they toss it up into the air and swallow it head first.

They breed along most of the east and west of America, and spend their winters in Alaska and southern New England. They build their nests high in trees on islands or in patches of flooded timber, on the coast or inland.

Come visit the San Diego River Trail and view them yourself!


Featured Volunteer:

Janis Shackelford

The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce honored Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy Board Member Volunteer, Janis Shackelford, with the Harry J. Spence Citizen of the Year 2017 award. Janis is a retired SDSU Biochemical Research Associate and a supporter and advocate for Lakeside's community.

She was an elected member of the Lakeside Community Planning Group for many years and helped develop Lakeside's multi-purpose trail plan. She was on Supervisor Dianne Jacob's Lakeside Revitalization Steering Committee from its inception, and she chairs the Lindo Lake subcommittee, which is involved with the restoration of the lake. She was the founding chair of the Lakeside Design Review Board and currently serves as its secretary.

She is a member of the Board for the Lakeside Historical Society and a member of the Blossom Valley Riders and Gardeners club.

Janis believes in the vision of the Lakeside’s River Park and what it represents and its importance to the community. She has been a trail advocate for many years and knows that planning and implementing the San Diego River Trail is a vital goal which will benefit the entire community. We thank her for her wide-ranging contributions not only to Lakeside, but also to the entire County of San Diego.


Upcoming Events:

Once In A Blue Moon

Join us on Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 4:00-8:00pmfor our annual Once in a Blue Moon Gala!"Science for our Kids"Join us at the River Valley Equestrian Center in Lakeside for our annual Once in a Blue Moon Gala Auction & Dinner.

This year's proceeds will go towards the construction of the San Diego River Science Field Station. ​

Want to become a Once in a Blue Moon Sponsor? Download our Sponsorship Packet or contact our Events Coordinator!​ Want to donate to our Auction? Download our Auction Donation Letter or contact our Events Coordinator!


Welcome Thea Hanner to the River Park Team!

The River Park's Board of Directors is pleased to introduce Thea Hanner , who has been selected as the organization’s’ Events and Arundo Control Coordinator. Thea has been the River Park’s Intern for several months and was recently promoted to the Coordinator position. Thea brings extensive experience promoting events, social media and and is skilled with working with volunteers. Besides working for the River Park, Thea is currently studying Sustainability and Public Relations at San Diego State University. She has a passion for the environment and a commitment to build and grow our fundraising efforts. We welcome her to the team and are excited to have her planning our upcoming fundraiser, Once In A Blue Moon, on September 16th.


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Cindy Collins, Membership & Volunteer Manager Cindy@lakesideriverpark.org

Alisha Curtin, Outreach, Volunteer & Safety Coordinator Alisha@lakesideriverpark.org

Robert Doty, Field Superintendent Robert@lakesideriverpark.org

Thea Hanner, Events & Arundo Coordinator Events@lakesideriverpark.org

Karen Anderson, Staff Accountant accounting@lakesideriverpark.org

For general information regarding the River Park and trails please direct all inquiries to: