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Hot off the press!

Our Annual Report is here!

Hot off the press: To view click on the image above

We invite you to enjoy this paperless copy of the 2016 Annual Report. Here you will learn about the River Park's many accomplishments, all of which are made possible by our dedicated members, volunteers and donors.

Thanks to all of you for helping to make 2016 such a productive year!


Upcoming Events:

Once In A Blue Moon

Join us on Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 4:00-8:00pm for our annual

Once in a Blue Moon Gala!

"Science for our Kids"

Join us at the River Valley Equestrian Center in Lakeside for our annual Once in a Blue Moon Gala Auction & Dinner.

This year's proceeds will go towards the construction of the San Diego River Science Field Station. ​

Want to become a Once in a Blue Moon Sponsor? Download our Sponsorship Packet or contact our Events Coordinator!​ Want to donate to our Auction? Download our Auction Donation Letter or contact our Events Coordinator!

Buy Tickets Here!


Volunteers Needed!

Leave only Leaves--River Clean-up

Saturday, September 9th from 9am to noon

Sign Up To Help Here!


FREE Education Program

Hike With The ED

Friday, September 22 @ 8:30AM

Register by: September 17th

Robin Rierdan, Executive Director for the River Park, answers your questions about hiking, the River Park, and our projects.

Meet at the San Diego River Trail at Channel Road - see it for the first time or get a new look at what you love.

Register Here


Keep Pets Safe As San Diego Feels The Heat!

Remember your pet is also feeling the heat!

Make sure they have plenty of water and have a shady or cool place to rest.

If you plan to take them out on the trail, do it early in the morning or evening.


Featured Species:

American Goldfinch

Spinus tristis

If you are wanting to attract colorful goldfinches to your yard, you may want to consider hanging a thistle-filled sock. Once these little birds find the seed feast, you will be able to observe their acrobatic style of feeding. Hanging upside down, clutching wherever they can gain a foothold while jostling with other hungry contenders, they will provide daily entertainment all year long.

San Diego County has three species of goldfinches: the Lesser, one of the most widespread birds in the county, the Lawrence and the less prevalent American. For those of us who are novices at field identifications, it isn’t easy to tell one from the other. Generally speaking, all are smaller than sparrows--about 4 to 5.5 inches, are brightly colored from yellow to yellowish-green with black and white wing bars. As with most sexually dimorphic birds, the male is more spectacular than the female, sporting a distinctive black cap.

All have a diet that consist mostly of small seeds, but the Lesser Goldfinch is highly adaptable to a wide range of habitats, surviving well even in suburban and disturbed areas. They will feed on invasive sow thistle seeds as well as native chamise; they nest in non-native eucalyptus as well as native willows.

Finches are known to roam; their migration varies year to year due to fluctuations in the food supply. What all have in common is that they are drawn to areas that include a steady water source, which is why it is usually possible to spy some of these delightful birds on the Lakeside River Park property.

We can count on seeing them for years to come as the habitat restoration project matures, with the native chaparral and riparian trees ensuring that they will be regular residents.


Featured Volunteer:

Mona Anderson

What can we say about Mona! Not enough. Mona has been volunteering since 2003. She has volunteers with the River Park at many or our major milestone events. She was there at the Start of the Park in 03, at the Land Dedication event in 04, she has been an event photographer at the 5K “Run for the River” and the “Once In A Blue Moon” gala for many years. Her photographs of these special events are lovely and we use them in many ways such as on our website, our e-newsletter to promote the River Park.

Mona is a retired teacher and has also developed educational games and displays for the River Park’s outreach booth and is currently helping to develop the River Park Girl Scout Badge program.

Here is Mona’s Story:

I don’t know now when it was that I first heard about the effort to establish a park along the river in Lakeside. I just know that I was excited by the idea and wanted to help out. This would be something to build for the future, to give something to the community. Could I really make a difference?

As I began to volunteer and to attend those early meetings to plan the park and how to acquire land and what had to be done to get started on such a huge project, I didn’t really believe that any of that would happen any time soon. Everything that was planned seemed so far into the future. First, we had to remove tons of fill (which now bolsters Hwy. 52) and begin to restore the riparian habitat. Next would come the trail—Seven years, they said, to get that. I wasn’t so sure it would happen—but, suddenly, there it was, having its grand opening to the public!

Every year, something new is happening. Now, we are working on getting the long sought nature center project going. The old house that will hold it is under renovation and the land is being prepared. There’s always something to look forward to.

As I look back on how far this project has come, I know that I want to continue to be a part of it. I want to help see this park come to fruition and to continue to build and grow, even after I am gone. I want this to be a part of my legacy to the future generations of Lakeside. That’s why I have named the Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy as part of my trust fund; so I can always be a part of this wonderful park.

Won’t you join me? Just a simple note in your will or trust will make it possible.

Mona Anderson

Please contact Cindy Collins to learn more about including Lakeside’s River Park Conservancy in your Charitable Remainder Trusts or for Gifts of Appreciated Stock.


Rock Of Kindness

Santee Rocks

Have you seen painted rocks on the trail? The Santee Rocks have spread to Lakeside’s River Park and the San Diego River Trail.

If you would like to join in on the fun, please remember these following rules:

Group Rules

#1 - Keep all posts kind.

#2 - Do not hide rocks in schools for children to find.

#3 - Do not decorate rocks with glue-on accessories.

#4 - Stay on all trails, and do not hunt in protected habitats. Don’t hide rocks in Mission Trails Regional Park. Please be sure to follow the rules or wishes of parks and businesses.

#5 - Do not hide rocks inside businesses, and understand that rocks hidden outside of businesses may be disposed of if they see them as a nuisance or hazard.

#6 - Don't hide rocks in grass where lawn mowers roam or in other hazardous locations, and watch out for snakes and cars.

#7 - Do not collect unpainted rocks from planters, private property, park/city landscaped areas, or natural areas where they are a necessity. Also, painted rocks on private property are not to be taken.

#8 - Use common sense and respect. We want to spread happiness, not be a nuisance, distraction, or hazard.

This is meant to be fun for all ages and abilities, so get creative, get outside, and HAVE FUN! Thank you for being such an important part of this community. Peace, love and joy!T


Please update your address book...we have new emails!

Robin Rierdan, Executive Director Robin@lakesideriverpark.org

Cindy Collins, Membership & Volunteer Manager Cindy@lakesideriverpark.org

Alisha Curtin, Outreach, Volunteer & Safety Coordinator Alisha@lakesideriverpark.org

Robert Doty, Field Superintendent Robert@lakesideriverpark.org

Thea Hanner, Events & Arundo Coordinator Events@lakesideriverpark.org

Karen Anderson, Staff Accountant accounting@lakesideriverpark.org

For general information regarding the River Park and trails please direct all inquiries to:


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