RiverWatch September 2017!

Fall in love with Autumn!

Fall marks the end of the carefree summer! School is back in session; vacation is over and we return to our regular routine. This time of year, sandwiched between blazing summer and cooler days, is especially beautiful along the San Diego River.

There is a dazzling array of colors as the leaves of the cottonwoods and sycamore tree change. The water on the East Pond glistens and you can here duck calls in the background. You might see a delicate spider’s web outlined in the morning dew. It is a place we love and we hope you love it too.

Please visit the San Diego River Trail and experience this season yourself!


A Magical Evening

Once In A Blue Moon

Every once in a blue moon a magical thing happens. This year was no exception as a group of very special people congregated for an evening of fun, food and festivities and this year was no exception. More than 200 River Park members, guest and volunteers put on their “country western” best and moseyed over to the new event location at the River Valley Equestrian Center.

This year the level of magic was amped up because all proceeds raised will go towards the construction of the San Diego River Science Field Station. This facility will especially support disadvantage students in East County, and give them the opportunity to foster a passion for science and education.

An exhibition polo match kicked off the event thanks to the Lakeside Polo Club. Bar None catered the Santa Maria styled Bar-B-Q dinner. Robert Whitley donated the wine and Stone Brewery donated the beer. Guests enjoyed many silent and live auction items with enticing prizes like a trip to Cancun!

We thank our Once In A Blue Moon sponsors including Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group, Marathon Construction, Fire & Ice HVAC and Barona Casino.


Guided Hike With The Executive Director

The morning of Friday September 20th started out cool and overcast as about 20 people showed up for a free guided hike of the San Diego River Trail by Executive Director Robin Rierdan.

Hikers met at the Channel Road trailhead in Lakeside, CA and enjoyed a leisurely paced tour that was about 4-mile long to the city of Santee and back. Along the way there were many stops as Robin discussed the history of the San Diego River, California native plants used in the river restoration and the River Park’s future goals.

The next guided hike will be in October 13th weeks and then in December. registration for both of these hikes is in the next section below.


FREE Education Program

Cathedral Hike

October 13th, 8:30 AM

Register by: October 10th

Ready for an adventure? Let Robin Rierdan take you to the innermost area of the Lakeside's River Park. See parts of the property that are normally strictly off limits. You'll forget you're in Lakeside and feel as though you've been transported to a tropical forest somewhere afar.

NOTE: If we have rain between now and the event, the event will have to be cancelled as we do not want to muck around in the marshy mud!

Register Here

Mystery Hike

December 15th, 8:30 AM

Register by: December 12th

Feeling adventurous? Let Robin take you to a surprise location, to be announced at the end of November.

Register Here


Composting - traditional and Bokashi methods

Composting - traditional and Bokashi methods

Register Here For The Compost Workshop


Featured Species:

Viceroy Butterfly

Spinus tristis

A Viceroy butterfly fools predators by mimicking the bright orange and black markings of a Monarch. This strategy is known as mimicry and is a clever survival mechanism. By imitating the boldly colored wings of many bad tasting butterflies, the Viceroy, like a number of other butterflies throughout the world, warns off birds and other predators.

A keen eye can detect that a Viceroy is smaller, and holds it's wings partly open when at rest, unlike the Monarch which closes it's wings completely while resting. Monarchs are also steady fliers, whereas a Viceroy makes a few quick beats with its wings, then glides, then beats again. The easiest way for most people to tell the difference between the two is that the Viceroy has a black line that crosses each orange cell in their lower wings. The Monarch does not have this line.

Viceroys can be seen in wet areas like the San Diego River. Their favorite plants, found in abundance at the River Park, are willows and cottonwoods. September is a good month to see them as you explore our local environment.


Featured Volunteer:

Cub Scout Troop 342, and other volunteers

“Leave only Leaves”

Did you know that there are 11 different watersheds in San Diego? On Saturday September 9th the River Park partnered with I Love A Clean San Diego to clean up a part of the San Diego River watershed in Lakeside.

Cub Scout Pack 342 and other community volunteers rolled up their sleeves, put on gloves and started to remove trash from this sensitive habitat. In just 3 hours about 50 volunteers removed 500 pounds of trash caused by illegal lodging and dumping.

We thank everyone for coming out to help! Now the critters have a safe and clean place to raise their babies and nestle in for the upcoming winter.



Our National Day Of Giving

You know what Black Friday is, right? It is the biggest shopping day of the year—the day after Thanksgiving.

Don't forget about other shopping days like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

#GivingTuesday is a national day of giving back and the River Park has participated in it since it’s inception in 2013.

Please consider making the River Park your charity of choice on #GivingTuesday, November 28, 2017 to support the building of the San Diego River Science Field Station.


Please update your address book...we have new emails!

Robin Rierdan, Executive Director Robin@lakesideriverpark.org

Cindy Collins, Membership & Volunteer Manager Cindy@lakesideriverpark.org

Alisha Curtin, Outreach, Volunteer & Safety Coordinator Alisha@lakesideriverpark.org

Robert Doty, Field Superintendent Robert@lakesideriverpark.org

Thea Hanner, Events & Arundo Coordinator Events@lakesideriverpark.org

Karen Anderson, Staff Accountant accounting@lakesideriverpark.org

For general information regarding the River Park and trails please direct all inquiries to: