RiverWatch January 2018

Volunteers In Action!

Volunteers In Action!

Volunteers Mona Anderson and Charlotte Howatt recently manned a booth on behalf of the River Park at a Girl Scout STEM event. Our booth’s theme centered around being on the trail, day and night.

For the day portion, the concept was to show the girls that although they may not see actual wildlife while on the trail, if they pay attention, they will see the signs of animals nearby. Charlotte brought her assortment of nests, shed snakeskin, mummified lizards, scat photos and bird feathers to show the girls examples of what they may see along the trail. The girls had an opportunity to not only see the items up close but were able to be hands-on and touch them as well.

For the night portion, Mona brought recycled supplies for the girls to create their own constellation viewers using items frequently disposed of – empty Pringles canisters and paper. When on a night hike, in addition to observations made along the ground, there are some really amazing things to be seen in the heavens above.

We want to encourage the girls to get out and be active and explore and observe the world around them, from every angle. Children are our future and we need to foster in them a love and appreciation for nature all around. By getting them to stop and smell the (wild) roses, we hope to instill in them a passion for the preservation of the San Diego River and surrounding habitats of tomorrow.

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