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Your Monthly Donations to the River Park...

You can afford to donate $3.00 a month to the River Park, can't you?  Of course you can!  Don't forget the PayPal fee!

When you click the donate button to make your next donation, check the box next to Monthly!

Your Affordable Monthly Donation helps us to maintain the trail as well as keep the lights on!

Why do you Love the River Park?

After making a donation, write us a note and let us know why you picked the River Park as your charity of choice and we will post your message here on our website!

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Why do you give?

Watch Pete and Sally Nelson talk about why they chose the River Park as their charity of choice about why she gives to the River Park.

Double Your Donation!

Check out to see if your employer will match your gift!

Ask at your Human Resource Department if your company does

gift matches and learn how to submit your employer request.

The River Park is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and our Federal Tax ID number is 91-2156461.

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