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What's New at the Park


Attention Potential Hanson El Monte Pond Project Bidders

Please see the bidding instructions and details here.

The mandatory walkthrough is scheduled for September 22 at 10 am.


Proposed El Monte Sand Mining and
Nature Reserve Project

El Monte LLC has proposed a sand mining project and restoration to a nature preserve for the El monte Valley. LRPC has serious concerns about this project, which we have shared with the County as a part of the public scoping process. The scoping process helps to define what concerns must be covered in the Environmental Impact Report. Once the EIR is produced there wil be opportunities for further public input into the process. You can read LRPC's Statement of Concerns here.


Hate Weeds? Want to Help Stop Invasives Before They Spread?

The Early Detection, Rapid Response program through the California Invasive Plant Council is for people who work or volunteer in the field to help identify seven key invasive plant species that are not a serious ecological threat now, but could become one.

The species targeted in this program (and native look-alikes) are described in this handout.

The following species are identified as EDRR priorities in the “San Diego Invasive Management Plan”: Ageratina adenophora (eupatory), Sesbania punicea (rattlebox), Lythrum salicaria (purple loosestrife), Iris pseudacorus (yellowflag iris), Limonium ramosissimum (Algerian sealavender), and Limonium duriusculum (European sealavender).

If found, please report these weeds to:


San Diego River Field Station at Lakeside

We are excited to announce the beginning of a new project: the San Diego River Field Station at Lakeside.  Our goal is to take the 1908 Bostonia House that we own and repurpose it as a science education center where local students can come and learn science in a real-world setting. 

This will be a major undertaking for the Conservancy so please help by donating today.


Arundo Control Project

Lakeside's River Park Conservancy, in partnership with the San Diego River Conservancy, is beginning a project to control arundo donax (giant weed) in the San Diego River watershed.  We are applying for grants to remove arundo from private property in the watershed at no cost the property owner

If you are a property owner interested in participating in this exciting opportunity, please see the Arundo Control Project page.