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Donate to the River Park today...

... and help us preserve and restore the San Diego River for many more tomorrows!


Setting up a Small and Affordable Monthly Donation is Easy as One, Two, Three!

Make sure to cover the cost of the transaction, too.


We invite you to help create, maintain and use Lakeside's section of trail that extends from the mountains to the ocean.

The Monthly Donation Levels below are just a few examples of how your donations can impact

Our Mission and Your Community!


When you committ to an Affordable Monthly Donation, we will send you a thank you that serves as receipt. 


We area 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all your donations are tax deductible.  And we will send you a recap of your annual donations at the beginning of every year.


Friends • $3 a month $36 a year
Helps native seedlings planted along the High Trail thrive so they can provide wildlife refuge.

Trailblazers • $5 a month or $60 a year
The High Trail requires constant maintenance to keep it clean and safe for all.

Road Runners • $10 a month or $120 a year

We have created unique protection and breeding habitats for our feathered friends with nesting boxes skillfully placed along the High Trail that occasionally need a little love, too.


Hawks • $25 a month or $300 a year
Keeps tools in our volunteers hands to help us with all that we do preserving, cleaning patroling and cultivating.

Coyotes • $50 a month or $600 a year
Part of our mission is to provide recreational, education and cultural opportunities for everyone and Coyotes help us begin to achieve that goal.

Herons • $100 a month or $1200 a year
Our premier philanthropic society provides all of the above- habitat protection, trail maintenance, wildlife conservation,
volunteer training, outreach and education.

Your Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Your Monthly Donation option is a recurring charge on your credit card each month via PayPal. You will receive a receipt upon making your gift, in addition to a yearly summary in January to help with tax preparation. If you wish to change or cancel your monthly membership contribution, please call us at 619-443-4770 or manage directly through your PayPal account. 

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