Meet Our Board of Directors

Scott Anders , Chair

Scott is the Director of the Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC), an academic and research center of the University of San Diego (USD) School of Law that studies how energy policy issues affect the San Diego County region and California. EPIC integrates research and analysis, law school study, and public education, and provides legal and policy expertise and information about efficient and environmentally responsible solutions to our future energy needs. Scott lives in Lakeside with his wife and two children. He enjoys taking his kids to the River Park to hike and picnic

Janis Shackelford, Secretary 

Janis received her Masters in Biology from San Diego State University in 1975 and remained at the university for a 30-year career as a Biochemical Research Associate. Beginning in 1987, she was a member of the Lakeside Community Planning Group (LCPG) for 21 years, serving during the establishment of the River Park and chaired the LCPG Trails Subcommittee, planning Lakeside's multipurpose trail system. She also participated in the development of the Lakeside Design Guidelines for the community and served as chair of the Lakeside Design Review Board (LDRB). Currently, Janis is active with the Lakeside Historical Society coordinating several of their fund raising events, is secretary for the LDRB, and is involved with the restoration of Lindo Lake.


We are currently recuriting for a treasurer.  

Maryanne Vancio, Vice Chair  

 Maryanne has had a passion for trails for most of her life. As an adult she has been involved with all aspects of trail development and promotion.  From trail blazing through the brush to delineate a new trail to providing design expertise to ensure that the crosstread is at just the right angle.  She was responsible for the creation and approval of the County of San Diego Trails Master Plan as well as being a former member of the Lakeside Community Planning Group.She is an avid trail user as a hiker and an equestrian. .

Patricia Dintrone, Secretary

Patricia spent most of her career as a faculty member and administrator in the College of Business Administration at San Diego State University. Since her retirement she has pursued her interests in travel and the environment.  Her interest in the Upper San Diego River area began in the 1980's with her involvement on a citizen committee about re-zoning of the area and she is excited to see the River Park grow. In addition to her Board duties she is the Conservancy's web administrator.

James Dodson

James majored in biology as an undergraduate student in Colorado and that sparked his interest in the environment.  Later he decided he could do more for his passion as a lawyer than as a scientist.  He practiced law in San Diego for over 23 years, including ten as an environmental lawyer at Sempra Energy.   For the last few years he has been active with the River Park and has served as a consultant and volunteer by conducting water quality monitoring, photographic documentation, and providing legal services.

Kevin Hale

Kevin is the President of Gordon-Prill San Diego Inc., a local General Contracting company. Kevin has over 20 years of construction, construction design and construction management experience. He has always been greatly involved in the Lakeside Community serving as the chairperson for the Lakeside School District Oversight Committee, President of Lakeside Girl's Softball for many years as well as other local planning and fundraising groups. Kevin was instrumental in the revitalization of Cactus Park. He believes in the importance of parks, trails and education for our local children. He has three children ranging from the ages of 6 to 23.

Carol Leighty

Carol is excited to rejoin the board after serving as a charter member when the Conservancy was just starting.  Since then Carol has semi-retired after a forty year career in public education.  She now teaches and serves as a director at Point Loma Nazarene University on a part-time basis. Dr. Leighty spends her spare time enjoying her three granchildren, traveling with her husband, gardening and becoming more involved in the Conservancy.

Betty McMillen

Betty is most notably past three-term President of the Lakeside Historical Society and a member of Supervisor Jacob's Lakeside Revitalization Committee. She also is active in many community groups, including the Maine Avenue Revitalization Association (MARA) of which she is a co-founder. She is currently co-Chair of Miles of Trees-Lakeside. She writes the "Around Lakeside" column for the East County Californian newspaper. Ms. McMillen heads the Conservancy's Heritage Park efforts.

David Tupper

Dave has been an educator in East County for the last 13 years. As a Lakeside Union School District teacher since 2000 and the Project Director for a 3-district California Math Science Partnership (CaMSP) grant since 2010, he has worked to make meaningful, relevant science accessible for all kids. His time working with the River Park as a middle school science teacher instilled the importance of maximizing this resource for the community while still balancing the needs of conservation, recreation and education. Dave lives in Lakeside with his wife and kids, they enjoy camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.


Michael Cindrich

Mike is the founder and principal attorney at the Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich APC, a firm he started in 2008. Prior to that he was a Deputy District Attorney with the County of San Diego District Attorney’s Office. Michael received his JD/MBA from the University of San Diego and his undergraduate degree from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. A Pittsburgh native, Michael moved to San Diego in 2002 to pursue his law degree. He met his future wife after law school and they share two young daughters. In his free time Michael enjoys surfing and beekeeping.