Meet Our Team

Robin Rierdan, Executive Director

Robin has a M.C.P. in Urban Planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology with specializations in economic development and real estate, and a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego (Revelle College), in Anthropology and Teaching. She is the past director of the State of Nevada's Rural Economic Development Program. She has been active in land preservation projects and issues in Santee and East County for the past 23 years. Robin, a founding employee of the River Park, has written several multi-million dollar grants for property acquisition and restoration.

Karen Andersen,
Staff Accountant 

Karen has a mind for numbers and details. She is a long time resident of East County, and graduate of UCSD. Her passion is the environment and sustainability, from keeping chickens, to growing a vegetable garden, to being deeply involved with 4H, her husband Steve, and her two children, Haley and Hayden.

Robert Doty,
Field Superintendent

Robert Doty has worn many hats over the years and continues to lead projects both on and off the main site. He has become a familiar face around Lakeside as both a volunteer and employee. In his spare time, Robert also works a volunteer staff member for Comic Con.

Alisha Curtin,
Safety Coordinator

Alisha loves people and has a passion for helping others and teaching. Over the years she has participated in numerous outreach and volunteer projects. She is a native East County resident and has four children ranging in age from 9 to 18 years old.  Her husband Robb, is in local law enforcement

Desi Klaar

Development and Volunteer Manager

A San Diego Native, Desi fished with her grandfather in the San Diego River in Mission Valley in the 60’s. She moved to Lakeside in 1978, met her husband and raised three children here.  She now has five grandsons, who love to explore her property. She has a BA in business and an MBA and is working on an MS in Ecology.  She has been a hobby ecologist for her entire life and will now be a professional ecologist. Lakeside's River Park is where she came first to begin serving her community.