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Meet Our Team

Julie Turko, Executive Director

Julie has an MAS in Climate Science and Policy from the University of California, San Diego, an MBA from ASU, and a BA in the Liberal Arts from St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM.  She has had a long career in non-profit fundraising, with a focus on corporate relations, grant writing, event planning, and individual donor cultivation.  Julie joins the Lakeside team with a passion for nature and getting outdoors, and wholly supports the mission of environmental protection, responsible land use, and habitat restoration.

Karen Beshirs
Office Manager 

Karen moved to Eucalyptus Hills with her family in 1979, graduating from El Cap in '87 and SDMCC in '93.  She comes to Lakeside with strong management skills we intend to utilize fully!  Karen has a passion for the outdoors and for animals.  She has traveled all over the world and has been involved in dance, soccer, rodeo and hiking.  She is excited to give back to the community that helped raise her. 

Robert Doty
Field Superintendent

Robert has worn many hats over the years and continues to lead projects both on and off the main site, with patience and a deep knowledge of the work. His leadership sets the tone for all of our field work. He has become a familiar face around Lakeside as both a volunteer and employee. In his spare time, Robert also works as a volunteer staff member for Comic Con.

Our Fantastic Field Crew

Left to right:

Tim Macy comes to us from Orange County. He is the most energetic of our team. He also loves heavy equipment. Can I drive it! Can I drive it! If you think you are going to sit or catch your breath with Tim around, nope you are not. He is go! all the time.

Lamont Richardson comes to us from Trinidad and Tobago. He is a Mixed Martial Arts expert. He can teach a master class in the use of machetes, and his lilting Caribbean laugh just makes everyone smile.

Tim Theodore has worn many hats with this organization. He has led watering teams and now he is our park patrol. Tim is quiet, smart and gets the job done. Every now and again, he thinks he is going to sneak off and retire, but we are wise to him. We find jobs for him that keep him around.

Darren Laursen comes to us from the world of cement and concrete. He is a decorative cement master. But you know him for his booming voice and infectious laugh. Among the many things he does for us is work with our volunteers on the trail. He loves working with his 'customers'. If you love the trail, thank Darren.

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