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New at the River Park


Around this time last year, we started strategizing about how to capture information about the species who make the river park home. Rain has created fresh watering holes with lots of critter tracks, and we put out a couple of trail cams to start. It's great fun to discover activity in places we never normally see! Even dry creeks and rivers are important corridors for wildlife and we can't wait to see who keeps passing through.


Our Invasives Removal Program is back!
If you live along the San Diego River,
we can offer FREE invasive removal services
to private property owners.

If you are looking for the Right of Entry Document,
Please Click HERE

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"Pete's Park" Thrives

The High Trail in Lakeside is immensely popular. Prior to COVID, the trail served over 30,000 people per year. When we purchased the land in 2003, we purchased a little stub at the base of the old Palm Row Right of Way. We always knew it had the potential to be something special.


After years of considering the highest and best use for the site, we developed the idea of creating a small pocket park, with funding from our valued partners:  The San Diego River ConservancyMarathon Construction Corporation, Lakeside Land Company, and Hamann Companies.

The Pocket Park was opened to the public this year, on a quarter-acre parcel overlooking the river and the trail. It has 4 cement picnic tables with canopies for shade. It is a place where trail users from Santee or from Channel Road can find a shady rest stop. Folks from River Run East can access the trail for walks, and there is a Little Free Library for lunchtime readers. We consider it a win for everyone. 

Earlier this year, the park was officially named Pete's Park, in honor of extraordinary human and river park volunteer, Pete Nelson.

Bring a book

for the library


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