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We say a great big THANK YOU to the Operating Engineers Training Trust for their work on the Field Station. Their donation of labor safed the project $22,000.  This is the second time they have helped us.  We are so grateful.  

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We made a new video on how to safely apply herbicide to control arundo and castor bean in riparian areas or anywhere actually.  Robert, our field superintendent is making his documentary debut. Enjoy! 

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The Field Station!!! 

In 2019, we obtained a $250,000 grant from Proposition 68 (thank you voters) from the San Diego River Conservancy.  We give a BIG thank you to the Conservancy and its board for its faith in this project.  This aerial shows the portable classrooms.  They will be placed on a foundation, connected to utilities and hopefully open for business next year.  Below is an image of the plan for how they will be arranged on the site. 

Who are the partners with this project? 

We are working with Lakeside School District, Cajon Valley School District and Santee School District.  


Because each of these school districts has a deep commitment to science and to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and each understands the best way to teach science is in a child's own 'backyard' that is filled with water, mud, bugs, and bunnies. This has been a recipe for inspiring curiosity, deep questions about how the natural world works, and the creation of hypothesis since children have been exploring the natural world.  

What can I do to help?
Volunteer!!! We need help with everything from electrical to painting to planting and watering the landscaping. If you can't do these things, but you have a friend who could, would you let them know about this great opportunity to do something wonderful for the children of East County? Donate!!! We are a nonprofit and finding the money to fully finish the project is going to be a challenge.  
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Our Partners
Our Partners

Allie's Gifts & Shipping
Allie's Gifts & Shipping

Allie's Gifts & Shipping

Our Partners
Our Partners