River Bird: The River Park's Drone

What kind of drone is it? It is a DJI Inspire 1

How high does it go? 14,700 feet but for our use less than 400 feet

How far will it go? Just a little less than 1.25 miles

How fast does it go? 45 miles per hour

How much does it cost? The Drone cost $2000 and the

cameras cost about $6000

Does it have a camera? Yes, a 4K video camera

as well as an infrared camera

How much weight can it carry?

For our use, we will only carry

the camera but it could carry another

2-3 lb.

How much does the drone weigh?

6.5 lbs.

How long can it fly? 16 to 20 minutes

Does it spy on people?  NO, it makes

everything look too small

Does it do deliveries? Nope

Did you build it? No, the whole kit was purchased

Where did you buy it? From an online retailer

What will you use it for? We will use it to fly up and down the drainage areas where we have worked taking out invasive plants such as Arundo Donax and other species. It will help us quickly and easily locate new infestations of these plants before they are able to get a foothold. 

Will you fly it over my house? No, if you are in our invasive control project, we will fly it only in the areas where we have worked. 

What else can the drone do? The drone will help us located homeless camps in the river. It can help us get an accurate count of the number of people living in the river, and where they are living. Beyond that, we don't know what else we can use it for, but we are sure there are more interesting things to discover.