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Gatekeepers are vital to the park and to the trail.  For security reasons the gates to the trail are locked at night.  We depend on volunteers to unlock the gates each morning and re-lock them at night.


Help keep the trail and Lakeside safe by volunteering to open or close the trail gates once a week.  Volunteers who close the gates need to walk the length of the trail each time to ensure that no one is still inside. The trailheads are located at Riverside Dr. and Channel Rd.



- Unlock and/or lock gates on assigned days

- If locking the gates, walk the length of the trail to make sure no one is inside

- Note and report any problems on the trail

- Notify the Park staff promptly if unable to meet responsibilities on a given day


- Must be at least 18 years old

- Possess the physical ability to manage the chains and locks and to walk the trail in various weather conditions

- Have a commitment to the mission and goals of the River Park

- Must be capable of working independently with little or no supervision

- Able to assess and report problems


For more information or to volunteer, contact

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