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RiverWatch March: A Rainy Day at the River Park...

As we are bombarded this week by stormy weather, it got us thinking about all the waterways that flow into Lakeside's River Park. Did you know that we are the end of the line for Los Coches Creek? This 9-mile creek pours into the San Diego River right here. We are downstream from the El Capitan reservoir and the San Vicente reservoir, with San Vicente Creek and San Diego River merging and passing through river park property. Yet even with rains like these, we are nowhere near flooding, and if you walk outside, you will hear that the birds and the frogs think it's a fine day indeed! Please enjoy a few walkabout pics of our rainy day today.

Los Coches Creek coming right for us.
The Creek then disperses into wetlands.

Keeping an eye on naturalized mustards so they don't out-compete native species.

Water collecting in areas that are dry in other seasons. These rains are not even close to filling river park basins.
So lush and green!

"I'm just a shell of my former self."
"Hey, I'm supposed to be a SUNflower!"

Hats off to the jogger today who dodged these puddles on his way to Santee!
New life - brand new plantings in the western section of the High Trail.

If you can, please consider making a gift to the River Park and then come on out to enjoy spring flowers, peeping frogs, and all the wildlife you are helping to protect. Thank You!

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