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RiverWatch May: For the Birds

Birds of a Feather Nesting Together

We have had some great news! One day in April, surveyors found six Least Bell’s Vireo on river park property: two pairs and two individuals. These sweet small birds are listed as "Endangered" by US Fish & Wildlife due to loss of habitat, so mating pairs found here during bird breeding season are welcome news indeed.

When the river park was first created this was exactly what was envisioned – habitat restored for native species along the San Diego River, on land that had been utterly stripped by sand mining. Even small areas of conserved habitat contribute significantly to local biodiversity, and protected waterways provide natural corridors for wildlife. Riotous numbers of bird species are easy to observe and provide a good indication of ecosystem health. High Trail users regularly see water birds, birds of prey, songbirds, and everything from hummingbirds to swallows to herons – all are plentiful here. A few favorite “river park regulars” are pictured below. In many places around the world, nature is under pressure and biodiversity is being lost. We are thrilled to have a success story to share, six small birds at a time.


Photo credits: Least Bell's Vireo, US Fish & Wildlife; Great Egret, Tom Benson; Red-winged Blackbird, Greg Lavaty; Osprey, Ian Cale; Hooded Oriole, Tom Grey


New Board Member Welcome

Please help us welcome new Board Member Matt Dinsdale! Matt has been a CPA with Moss Adams for almost 13 years. When not spending time outdoors with his family, Matt advises institutions of higher education, government agencies, and non-profit organizations including conservancies. We are delighted to have Matt on Board!


April Bloom Boom


Supporting Nature at the River Park

Now that taxes are done, do you need a charitable deduction for next year? Please consider a donation to Lakeside's River Park! Unlike state agencies, we are a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which means we raise our own funds for operations. Project grants allow us to do work that fulfills our mission, but community support literally helps to keep the lights on. Thank you in advance for your support!


Contact Us: Julie Turko, Executive Director Robin Rierdan, Grants & Special Projects Robert Doty, Field Superintendent Karen Beshirs, Office Manager For general information:


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